Overcome Shyness Through Self Help

If you are a very shy person, the thought of talking to strangers may make you extremely nervous. There is an instant uneasiness if you think about talking to new people. Extreme amount of shyness can cause social inhibitions which lead to disruption of normal social interaction with people. This problem is called social anxiety and it affects millions of people at some point in their life. Cognitive behavioral treatment is one of the best therapies for curing this disorder.

Scientists actually thought that the family’s environment directly impacted the emotional growth of the children while they morph into adults.

It is now clear that some people are shy by nature. Some people are able to manage and overcome this but some continue to suffer till the end of their lives. In today’s times, one doesn’t need to mingle face to face and can do social interactions virtually. Thanks to the internet and its associated characteristics like email interaction and computer gaming, the social interaction potential is greatly reduced. In order to cure this disorder, there are many things one can do to overcome its negative effects.

First and foremost, identify what triggers shyness. Every situation does not lead to shyness in all the people. What time do you feel anxious? Ask yourself the question about when do you feel shy. Do you have negative thoughts and predictions automatically? Before you start believing that the negative assumption you are making is fact, try and challenge your thought process.

As a shy person, you need to start ingraining the thought the what you are thinking is only a guess. Do not focus too much on anything that reconfirms your belief on anxiety. Instead, shift your focus and attention on something that is opposite. In reality, one cannot please everyone at the same time.

Put yourself right in the front and confront the negativity.

It is a good idea to expose yourself to the situation as you yourself intentionally put yourself in situations which make you anxious. One of the best ways to deal with this is to constantly start facing situations so that the anxiety softens its grips and erodes away. The end objective should be to attract what you are fearful of and to realize that it isn’t a big deal. You may have a rumbling feeling in your stomach, but it is worth doing as soon as possible. The more you delay it, the more you will torture yourself.

Shyness is not associated with any psychological disorder, but is considered to be a personality trait. The degree of shyness varies from person to person. Some people feel very anxious when they face an audience, while there are some who want to lead an extremely solitary life. This is not the right way to live life. Some people treat shyness like a cocoon. It gives them safety, warmth and quietude. At the same time, it can turn out to be desolate, confined and dark.

Ask the family and friends to support and guide you.

When faced with difficult situations, rely on them to seek pointers and guidance. When you are aware that there is someone out there to support you, life becomes much easier. Slowly and gradually, you will see that you are losing your fears and inhibitions. After gaining a social life, it will be interesting to see how easy it is to meet new people.

In order to overcome shyness, you can try out multiple things. If you want to make shyness a thing of past, start taking one step a day or week. While these pointers are good, there is more that can be done to erase shyness.
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