Looking For Women In The Club

So, you think you can just go to a club and scads of hot babes will be vying to go home with you? Forget about it. You would do better to think of the club as a a kind of boot camp and put your expectations to the side. This is the place you go to hone your method, develop your approach, and figure out what style of engagement suits you. Yes, there are, unless you are unlucky, lots of attractive women at a club; however, getting them to come along with you is a real challenge. You might more easily pick up girls at a park, or a beach, or a store, because they will not be so on guard.

However, if you want to really get your training up, make the manly choice of going to the club. It will be harder than the other places, but you will learn a ton, and you may even get lucky.

The lady who likes the club atmosphere gets herself ready tactically before she makes the scene. She cops to the truth that dudes are going to try to pick her up, but, don’t jive yourself, she can turn you away with the flick of a cigarette. She is going to keep the barriers up, so you trying to schmooze your way into her pants is not going to work. Don’t look at the club as your personal meat market, Bud. Look at it as your personal training camp, and spend your time working on your technique rather spinning your wheels looking for that next hook-up.

The club atmosphere is by its nature obfuscating, what with all the smoke, darkness, and the din of music.

This does not make it easy to maintain a conversation with a woman. You find you have to lean in to make yourself heard. Of course, you can also lean out to blend back into the background, especially when you have been turned away. This is good, because you are able to take advantage of the environment to become invisible until you deal with the rejection and are ready to try again. Nobody will take any note of you and the success or failure of your operations. You can quickly recover, and go on to your next experiment in engagement.

Fortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter the girl who turned you down last week at this same club. You need not be concerned about an obvious snub affecting your opportunities to engage a new clubber. One thing is for sure, any frequent clubber chick is going to be totally aware of your status among the other women in the club. When she sees you rejected, she will take the cue to do the exact same thing if you try to break into her intimate circle. Don’t blame her for trying to keep up her competitive status.

As you proceed with training yourself in the club scene, you are naturally going to have experiences that will help you to grow in the role as “male on the prowl.” All the rejections you will suffer will provide you wil the experience necessary to successfully engage unattached females at non-club venues, such as the park, the college, and the market. A good way to prepare yourself for operating in the club is to use the Internet to search out tips on conversations.