Keeping The Conversation Alive! | How To Attract Women Tips

One of the greatest advantages of dating online is that we’ve already had the chance to chat before we’ve met face-to-face. We already have an idea what interests this person and maybe what they’ve done with their lives.

However online dating can also have the affect of giving a false impression of someone we have just met online, as often times a real life date turns out to be much different than first perceived online.

You will be well served to take advantage of noting down your online conversation in preparation for your first offline date.

You certainly have an advantage by gaining valuable insight into important topics concerning your new online date which will well prepare you for the real thing.

Conventionally, many first dates take place at a coffee shop, but next time you arrange a date, think outside the square a little. Try a more casual and engaging environment like ten pin bowling or putt putt golf. Go for a bush walk perhaps and stop for lunch in the National Park, try something more interesting than the standard first date coffee shop.

Don’t make the mistake of picking a first date venue that doesn’t offer an interesting or stimulating environment.

A busy cafe on the main road hardly presents the opportunity for you to make that vital first impression.
Having met online first is a great way to use ‘saved up’ information to fall back on in times of the conversation flow drying up. Show interest in how you address their questions, and use their questions as a cue to build on other conversation topics.

We suggest to always be yourself on a first date. The more relaxed you are the more approachable you become. And simply because you run out of things to chat about, doesn’t mean the date is a dud, move things on abit, take the lead and suggest going for a walk to re-energize the conversation with a new environment.

Keep the topics of conversation light hearted and on mutual ground. Whilst it’s great to have personal views and desires, starting a debate about the politics of current world news is not the best way to offer a worthy first impression.

Ask your date what he or she thinks about what you have to say, make them participate in the conversation, but don’t make the conversation all about you.

Our relationships guru, Diane Bishop, who has been involved in relationships counseling for more than 10 years was quoted in saying “The best form of conversation has always been and still remains – people are interested in interesting people. No matter how trivial it may seem, great conversation that combines two peoples experiences and opinions on a topic, forms the basis for stimulating conversation.

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