Online Dating: How to Make Your Profile Picture Perfect by Adding Photos

When first joining an online dating site, the most important thing you need to do is create a good profile. Your profile is the first thing someone will see. The first impression they have of you will be based on your photo.

Why Do You Need A Photo?

Even if you have an amazing profile, your page will get many more views if you have some really good photos. Having a great profile picture can make the difference when you’re looking for love online.
So, why do so many people not have a profile photo? Simple, if your conscious about what you look like, you won’t feel comfortable putting your photo up for others to scrutinize. Some women believe that men won’t give them a chance if they’re not perfect.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re truly too embarrassed to place a photo of yourself on your profile, you need to take a deep look inside and find out why you don’t feel comfortable about your appearance. To attract love you first need to complete love for yourself.

Another reason some women won’t post a photo online is fear. We’ve all heard stories of online predators and scammers. It’s true those people are online, but they’re also roaming around your communities and your workplace.

Sad, but true.

Remember no matter where you are, online or offline, you need to practice basic safety measures. Don’t give out too much information about yourself and be wary of anyone trying to get too much information from you. Posting pictures are relatively safe, as long as your use common sense.

What Photos Should You Use?

To get the best results from your photos, post more than one. One should be a headshot. It’s always best to choose one where you look good and look happy, any picture with you flashing a great smile would work.
For your second photo, a body shot. If you don’t include this men may think you’re trying to hide something. Also, since most profiles can’t really adequately describe a body type, a photo will show what you mean by a few extra pounds. And don’t worry about your weight, every man wants something different, this photo will ensure the men you meet are attracted to your total package.

Your third photo should be some action shots. Take photos of you doing the things you love. If you love animals, take a photo with your pets. If you like sports, take a photo of you playing or at the game. If you love travel, show a great photo of you at some of the landmarks you’ve visited. These are shots that will generate interest and may also spark a conversation. This is a great way to show your personality.

The goal of an online profile is to get someone’s attentions and make then interested to meeting you. Having a great set of photos will help you achieve this. So, post up some photos and make your profile picture perfect.

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