Does Size Matter? Apparently It Does

Women think we have it bad, but in reality, when it comes to size, we have an easier time adjusting things-so to speak.

With the aid of push up, wonder bras, or breast augmentation, a woman who wants to enhance the cleavage can do so in a way that doesn’t interfere with sexual performance. With male enhancement it get a bit trickier.

Pumps, rings, surgery, even pills, may end up doing more harm than good, causing blood restriction that can deaden nerve cells, resulting in a permanent loss of sensation that could end up making things worse.
If a girl is small on the top, it is more forgivable to men, primarily because while visually stimulating, breasts are not the primary consideration when it comes to actual coitus, as the sex act involves the joining of sexual parts, the breasts notwithstanding.

The penis, on the is another hand, is a different matter altogether,

Just how small is too small?

Men may be surprised. The average sized male ranges between 4. 5-6 inches, which would be ample enough to pleasure the average female. Contrary to popular belief, a woman doesn’t want Long Dong Silver in the bed.

The reason?
A larger size hurts. A lot.

I know two men who are roughly twelve inches and they can’t keep a woman to save their lives. I myself dated a guy that was roughly about eleven and the sex was horrible.
The reason?

It hurt… a lot.

I suppose it is because women, like men, are various sizes, only in depth and not length. It is all a part of nature’s design. If a man can be two inches in length, there is bound to be a woman who is the same in depth (although they consider this a medical condition and try to attempt to fix the woman with surgery). Likewise, on the opposite end, there are men who are as large as fourteen inches, who can find their counterpart in nature.

Sure, theoretically speaking, a female can stretch to accommodate a big male, just as she stretches to have a child, however, labor is not an experience that women would like to have over and over again.

Although sites developed to aid natural male enhancement, like Penis Health, and Encyte. com can give a man who wishes to increase his size more options on how to make his member closer to his own ideal, it is far better to develop love making methods that will leave your woman’s legs quivering for you, no matter your size.

Does size matter? Yes and no. Yes, in the fact that a smaller penis can make a man lack confidence, whereas a larger one can make a man too confident. When it comes to the human body, life has a basic symmetry-there is, literally and figuratively, somebody for everybody. Perhaps the question should be not whether size matters, but if you can find the right partner for your size? Food for thought.