My Boyfriend Dumped Me, What Should I Do Now?

  • Do I Need To Know Why My Boyfriend Dumped Me?
  • “My boyfriend dumped me, what should I do now?”
  • That’s a question many women ask after a break up.

Should you try to get back together. Should you move on. How will you tell your friends and family.

You’re not alone in trying to figure out where to get
started after a break up. Don’t despair, millions of women have been in the same position at some point in their lives, you’re not alone.

As you move through your break up you’ll find yourself thinking and telling people, “My boyfriend broke up with me because… (fill in the blanks).” The thing is you may not even know the real reason for the split. Unless there were lingering problems in your relationship that finally caused him to leave, you may not really know what happened.

Do I need to know why my boyfriend dumped me?

Well that all depends on you. Can you handle the truth? Are you wiling to accept his answer? Does it really matter to you? Are you trying to get back together with him?

1. Can you handle the truth?

If you decide you want to ask him why he broke up with you, my first suggestion is to wait until you’re emotionally ready to handle this. In other words, this isn’t something to do a few days after the break up.
He won’t want to answer your questions if you’re crying or in an emotional state. It will either cause him to end the conversation all together or give you an answer just to pacify you, which is not what you want.

2. Can you accept his answer?

If you can handle the truth are you wiling to accept his reason. What if he says he just didn’t love you or that he met someone else. Can you accept this answer without anger.
No matter what he says, it will probably cause you pain. There’s no getting around that. However if you want to know why he left you, this is something you’ll have to endure, while keeping your calm.

3. Does this really matter to you?

Knowing that this is not going to be an easy process, you should really think about why you’re doing this. Are you doing this for yourself or to please someone else. There will be people in your life who want to know “the real story” behind your break up, don’t let them pressure you or manipulate you into doing something you don’t want to do.
If you wan to know because it will help with closure, or if you feel that the break up might have been a mistake and you want to try to fix things that went wrong, go for it. Just make sure whatever you’re doing is for your benefit, not anyone else.

4. Are you trying to get back with him?

If  you’re doing this to get back together with him, make sure you don’t get your hopes up too high. You will be sadly disappointed if he left you for someone else and doesn’t want to get back with you.
Don’t think about getting back together with him until after you talk. If you feel that you still have a connection and that you both want to work things out, this is always a possibility. However don’t think of this talk as the beginning of your reunion.

5. Remember in the end it’s his choice, not yours.

The one thing you really need to remember is that he doesn’t have to tell you anything. Even if you answer these questions and decide this is something you want to do, he doesn’t have to answer your questions. That’s his choice.
He may not want to deal with the past right now. He may be going through his own break up pains. He may just be a jerk. If he refuses to talk to you about this, you’ll need to move on without your answer.

You don’t always need to know why he disappeared. After all regardless of what he tells you, you never really know what’s going on in his head. Each relationship is a learning opportunity. You’ve learned something about yourself from this relationship which will help guide you in the future towards the man you’re meant to be with.

So if you’re thinking “My boyfriend dumped me, what should I do now?” know that one think you don’t need to do is worry about why it happened. In the end this is just one chapter in your life, you decide how this chapter ends, and then start writing the next one.

Knowing Why He Disappeared may seem important in the beginning of a break up. Understanding why he left is one way to understand men. If you have a better understanding of why men leave, you stand a better chance of keeping the right man when he comes into your life.