New Relationship? Don’t Forget Your Old Friendships

Balancing Your Life – Old Friendships and Your New Relationship

Are you able to balance your new relationship with your old friendships.

You’ve been bitten by the love bug!

Being in love, can be a all consuming whirlwind. The more you think about your new relationship, the more you’ll focus on it. That focus will often cause you to spend less and less times with your friends.

It’s quite easy at the start of a relationship to begin to neglect your old friendships.

You’ll become disconnected with your old friends and all of your time and energy will focus on your new boyfriend.

In a healthy relationship, both of you would continue to have time for the other people you care about. What causes people to lose one or more of their old friendships is the insecurity that revolves around a budding relationship.

If he’s needy and clingy, he may be demanding too much of your time and attention. This is a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your relationship is based on you having to get rid of the people you care about to make him happy, you need to get rid of him.

If you’re a clingy girlfriend, you may be insecure about your relationship. This can cause you to want to spend all of your time with him. However this behavior, in a new relationship, will do more to drive him away than to keep him with you.

To keep your new relationship exciting and interesting for both of you, spend time apart. Keep up with your old friendships and let him do the same. Have a girl’s night out while he has a night out with the boys.
Keeping this balance will help save your old friendships and allow your new relationship to grow in a healthy way.

Don’t cheat your friends, family and yourself, remember to take time for them. If he’s really the man for you, not only will he understand, he’ll encourage it.

Do you neglect your old friendships when you begin a new relationship? What are some reasons you might be forgetting to spend time with your friends and family? Share your story.

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