How To Talk To Girls And How To Flirt

If you talk to the average frustrated chump, he will complain about why he’s not successful and make all sorts of excuses. Unfortunately, no one can help this person. Fortunately, there are millions of people who actually ask questions regularly, and these people know what they want to have answered. Here’s a few common question that guys ask.

How do I talk to girls?

The answer to his is simple, open your mouth and produce meaningful sound. Of course, if you don’t want the smart remark, you’ll want to be more specific about your question. If you want to talk to a girl like a friend, you need to learn to talk to her like a friend. Most people already know how to do this, because guys know how to talk to someone as a friend. Many problems guys have is they act like they’ll be nice and be a friend, and girls will see them as the friend type. The problem is actually talking to girls as if they are someone who is more than a friend.

However, there are some that won’t even approach a girl because they “don’t know what to say” if you have troubles thinking of what to say at all, you just need to try saying whatever comes to mind. Even if you say something stupid, it will sound better then complete silence, and you will stand out. The thing is, girls usually like to do a lot of the talking. So if you approach them and say “what’s up, how’s it going, what have you been up to? r “Hey, you’re cute, what’s your name”, or “You seem like an interesting person and I wanted to get to know you, tell me something about yourself”. Put them in position to do the talking, ask them what they like to do. If they respond with a quick answer, try asking a few more questions.

If you ask them to tell you something they do for fun, and all they respond is “running”, say “yeah, you know, I like running (or I’m laid back and don’t like running, but imagine how it must be exciting), but I also like (insert hobby) because it makes me feel (insert feeling and detail of when you feel that way), does running make you feel the same way like that?

Start out with asking a question, repeat what they told you, tell them how you feel about it, find something else that makes you feel in what may be comparable, tell them something about it, and ask them if what they said makes them feel the same way. Direct the questions in a way that gets her talking about things that she enjoys and that makes her feel good just thinking about them. If you do this, she will associate the good feelings with you.

Another question people ask is “How do I flirt with girls”?

The above form of asking and responding can be a mild form of flirting. The trick is to use the right tonality of your voice, and to speak while using the right body language. If she says something that excites you, lick your lip and say “mmm.. sounds like fun” and nod and proceed to tell her how you could imagine how it must feel. When using your hands while talking and relating her likes to something you like to do, use your hands to gesture towards her, and towards you. Most communication is non verbal, learn how to communicate with body language in a calm confident manner, and it will be much easier to flirt.

Teasing women in a playful way can be easy if you know what you are doing. Using a special trick is a very big key in flirting with women, but this would take an entirely new article or guide on how to flirt with girls.

Actually, there’s an entire method of approaching women, eliciting their feelings of attraction, getting feedback on whether their interested, talking with them, flirting, picking up, and seducing women, known as the Mystery Method that you can learn about now.